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Unit A: Understanding Living Things

Unit B: Interactions in Ecosystems

Unit C: Exploring Earth

Unit D: Cycles on Earth and in Space

Unit E: Matter and Energy

Unit F: Forces and Machines


Life Science

UNIT A: Understanding Living Things

Preparing for Science

Chapter 1:
Cells, Reproduction, and Heredity

Chapter 2:
Classifying Living Things

Chapter 3:
Plants and Plant Growth

Science Prep

 Heredity-Family Level

Form and Function

Helping plants grow well 

Steps of the Scientific Method 


What are Vertebrates and Invertebrates? Videos

Interactive matching plant parts

 Harcourt Science Webpage

 Genetics With a Smile

Living/Nonliving Quiz 

Plant parts we eat

 Scientific Method Powerpoint

 How the Body Works

Circle of life-metamorphosis 

Interactive matching plant parts


 Animal and Plant Cells

Frog life cycle image 

Plant Explorer



Endangered Animal Facts

Great Plant Escape



Mammals of the World - Quiz

Secret life of trees



 Animal Quiz

 Seed Germination Experiment



 Animal groups

Meet the Plant Parts

printable critter cards

Invertebrate/Vertebrate Powerpoint

Animal Life Cycles



UNIT B: Interactions in Ecosystems

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:
Resources in Ecosystems

 Ecosystems and Habitats

 Owl Pellet Dissection

Ecosystems and Habitats

Biomes More Sites on Biomes

 Owl Pellet Dissection

Biome Reports More Biome Reports

 Owl Pellet Dissection Directions

Biome Information

Owl Pellet Dissection Photos


 Owl Pellet and Owl History


 Owl Pellet History

Living Things

Habitat Match-up


*Fun with Food Webs

Animals' homes game


Food Chains

Animal habitat scramble


Climograph Average Monthly Weather -

Parker Average Monthly Weather Graphs

Drop and drag habitat game

Types of Biome Powerpoints

Biome Powerpoints

Biome Interactive Powerpoint

Food Chains and Webs

Food Chain Game

Building a Food Web


Earth Science

UNIT C: Exploring Earth

Chapter 6:
Changes to Earth's Surface

Chapter 7:
Earth's Rocks

Chapter 8:

Earth's Layers Earth's Structure

 Mineral Properties


Layers of the Earth Inside the Earth

 Mineral Properties


Pictures of Weathering

 Really Good Mineral Information Page


Weathering Weathering & Climate

 Grow Your Own Crystals



 Mineral Matters



 Mineral Information


Glaciers and Global Warming



 Meteorite Photos

 How Are Igneous Rocks Formed


Earth's Plates

 Igneous Rocks

Plate Tectonics

More Igneous Rocks

Earthquake Information for Kids

How Are Sedimentary Rocks Formed


Recent US Earthquakes Recent World Earthquakes

Sedimentary Rocks

How Volcanoes Work Earthquake/Volcano Diagrams

Facts on Sedimentary Rocks

Volcano Information for Kids

How Metamorphic Rocks are Formed

Volcanoes Online

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic Rock Facts


Weathering & Climate

Pictures of Weathering





The Rock Cycle



More on The Rock Cycle



Animated Rock Cycle



Rockn' the Rock Cycle



UNIT D: Cycles on Earth and in Space

Chapter 9:
The Water Planet

Chapter 10:
Earth's Weather Patterns

Chapter 11:
The Universe-Near and Far

 Water Cycle

  Weather Quiz


Water Cycle - visual map 


 Earth's Orbits

Water PowerPoint 


Virtual Tour of the Universe

 Water Cycle - Diagram


*Space Games


*Planets Adventure



*Alfy's Space Games



*Kid's Astronomy Games



*Space Hopper Game - Constellations



*Weight on other planets



*Age on other planets in Earth-years



Earth in space demonstration



Great space games



NASA for kids



Amazing facts






Universe: Objects in Space PowerPoint



Phases of the Moon



Solar System Tutorial - AWESOME



Virtual Tour of the Universe


Physical Science

UNIT E: Matter and Energy

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:
Matter and How It Changes

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:
Heat and Electricity



Energy Efficiency 

Science and Electrical Safety 


Magnets and springs online activity

Thermal Conductors

*Matter Jeopardy

Electrical Conductors


Soilds, Liquids, Gases

Electricity and Magnetism


Grouping and Classifying Materials

Forces: Magnetism

Electrical Conductors

Changing Materials

Magnets Millionaire Game

Electricity and Magnetism

Separating Materials

Electricity Safety

States of Matter







UNIT F: Forces and Machines

Chapter 16:
Forces and Motion

Chapter 17:
Work and Simple Machines

Properties of Forces and Motion PPT

 Simple Machines Activity 

Forces in Action






 Magnetic Forces


 Balanced and Unbalanced Forces